Swedish YouTuber Pewdiepie's recent Cocomelon diss track video has been removed from the platform on Friday in violation to its harassment and child safety policies. However, the video uploading platform did not give his account a strike on this.

The video, which was posted on Pewdiepie's YouTube channel on February 14, was aimed at a children's channel, Cocomelon. The video’s music featured Pewdiepie with a bunch of kids and the lyrics of the song called Cocomelon’s audience, which is majorly children "a group of mother****g virgins" telling them “f**k your daddy, f**k your mommy too/f**k everything you love, most of all, f**k you.”

The title of the now removed video was 'Coco' roasts.

According to Youtube, the video violated two of its integral safety policies meant to protect children from online exposure of abusive content-- child safety and harassment.

The video platform further explained its policies and the violation in terms of PewDiePie's context. They said that the video violates child safety as it contains inappropriate content not right for kids.

Secondly, it's harassment as the creator in the name of roast has crossed the line of criticism but

by inciting harassment @ other creators– we allow criticism but this crossed the line,” TeamYouTube tweeted, highlighting the policies in question.