Stan Lee, the legendary co-creator of Marvel Comics and the man behind some of the most iconic superheroes of our time, continues to captivate audiences even after his passing. As Disney+’s documentary about his life faces controversy, with claims that Lee receives too much credit for creating Marvel characters, fans remain fascinated by his contributions.

One aspect of Lee’s legacy that always brought a smile to fans’ faces was his numerous cameos in Marvel movies. Here, we take a look at five of the best Stan Lee cameos over the years.

The Bus Driver (Spider-Man, 2002):

In the first installment of the Spider-Man franchise, Stan Lee makes a memorable appearance as a wise-cracking bus driver. With a deadpan expression, he navigates the chaos caused by Spider-Man and Green Goblin, delivering a humorous line that perfectly encapsulates Lee’s witty charm.

The Mailman (Fantastic Four, 2005):

Lee’s cameo in the film adaptation of Fantastic Four is a delightful nod to his comic book roots. He portrays a mailman who tries to enter Reed Richards and Sue Storm’s wedding, only to be stopped by security. It’s a brief yet memorable moment that showcases Lee’s knack for injecting humor into his appearances.

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The Barber (Thor, 2011):

Lee’s cameo in Thor sees him taking on the role of a barber, attempting to trim the God of Thunder’s luscious locks. Unfamiliar with Asgardian hair care, Lee’s character comically struggles with Thor’s mighty mane, providing a lighthearted moment amidst the film’s epic storyline.

The Chess Player (The Avengers, 2012):

In the first Avengers film, Lee can be seen engaging in a friendly game of chess with an elderly gentleman in New York City. As the camera pans over them, the audience catches a glimpse of Lee, engrossed in the game, oblivious to the destruction occurring around him. It’s a subtle yet poignant cameo that reminds us of the ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances.

The Watcher Informant (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, 2017):

One of Lee’s most intriguing cameos comes in the form of an informant to the cosmic beings known as the Watchers. Lee’s character regales the Watchers with tales from his other cameos, hinting at the possibility of a shared universe. It’s a meta moment that pays homage to Lee’s role in shaping the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

These five cameos represent just a fraction of the numerous appearances Lee made throughout the Marvel films. Each cameo served as a nod to his immense contributions to the world of comics and provided fans with a moment of connection to the man who brought their favorite superheroes to life.

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While the debate surrounding his legacy continues, there’s no denying the joy and excitement these cameos brought to audiences worldwide. Stan Lee’s legacy lives on, not only through the characters he co-created but also through his unforgettable appearances on the silver screen.