The Gray Man,’ which premiered in theatres on July 15, was ultimately released on Netflix on July 22. Its trailer alone promises not just hours of riveting action, but also distinct performances from newly-paired Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, who will battle as an elite mercenary and a sadistic villain, respectively.

Meanwhile, here are other movies that are most comparable to ‘The Gray Man’ in terms of narrative and/or aesthetic.

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Heat (1995)

In ‘Heat,’ the soon-to-retire criminal genius Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) is pursued by the veteran Lieutenant Hanna (Al Pacino), and the two men are thrust into a perilous game of cat-and-mouse, similar to Court Gentry and Lloyd Hanson in ‘The Gray Man.’

At the time of ‘Heat’s debut, De Niro and Pacino were already well-known performers who had successfully depicted characters in mutually respectful, intimate relationships who were also cast as enemies. This unusual action film combo serves as an intriguing forerunner to the tangled relationship portrayed by Gosling and Evans.

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Drive (2011)

Viewers who intended to see ‘The Gray Man’ to see Ryan Gosling in a serious, gritty part will undoubtedly be satisfied with ‘Drive.’ This thriller follows Driver, a Hollywood stuntman and getaway driver who becomes entangled in a violent robbery after his neighbor’s spouse is released from prison.

‘Drive’ employs stunning sights and colour palettes to create a film that is both exhilarating and creative. Gosling’s performance, as one of his first action parts, also contributes to the film’s originality, demonstrating his great range and depth as an actor and proving he’s ready for ‘The Gray Man.’

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The Bourne Identity (2002)

Characters such as Jason Bourne have laid the groundwork for a genre that ‘The Gray Man’ appreciates. In ‘The Bourne Identity,’ a federal agent (Matt Damon) is left wondering about his own identity following a near-death incident that leaves him with amnesia and forces him to battle for his life while being pursued by assassins.

One of the many reasons ‘The Bourne Identity’ is an action classic is its inventive plot, which combines implausible circumstances with genuine, relatable human reactions. It feels plausible while also fascinating. ‘The Bourne Identity’ is particularly famous for its memorable dialogue, which is still quoted today.

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In the Line of Fire (1993)

Clint Eastwood stars as a Secret Service agent who failed to defend President John F. Kennedy from assassination in the political action thriller ‘In the Line of Fire.’ Years later, he is confronted by an ex-CIA agent (John Malkovich) who threatens the new president with the same fate.

‘In the Line of Fire’ weaves historical facts into a gripping story full of twists and turns. Its intriguing psychological antagonist produces a satisfying struggle with a hero played by Eastwood, an actor well-known for playing classic protagonists.

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Extraction (2020)

Though its subject and setting are not comparable with ‘The Gray Man,’ ‘Extraction’ is an excellent film for anyone who wants to become acquainted with the Russo Brothers, who were engaged in its story. ‘Extraction’ follows a gritty, black-market mercenary on a quest to save the son of an Indian drug boss.

‘Extraction’s excellent action sequences should be plenty to entice anyone looking for their next Netflix action film, and those who appreciate it will be pleased to learn that its sequel is one of many upcoming Russo Brothers films. Its popularity is partly based on the profound, emotional role played by primary star Chris Hemsworth, who, like Evans, is branching out from his MCU heritage to explore characters outside of the superhero genre.