George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars universe, is one of the icons of the New Hollywood era. Along with Martin Scorsese, Brian de Palma, Francis Ford Coppola, and Steven Spielberg, Lucas made up what was known as the Movie Brats. These young film school grads took Hollywood by its throat and reshaped the industry with their eccentric films and ideas.

Lucas, fresh off the success of Star Wars, had decided to make another series of films based on a single character. This is when he came up with the character of Indiana Jones, which was at first called Indiana Smith. When Spielberg, a longtime friend, told Lucas he wanted to make a James Bond film, the latter suggested the Indiana Jones idea to the Jaws director. Spielberg loved the concept, and soon the two of them signed a deal to make five movies on the character with Paramount Pictures.

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Since the creator of both the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchise is the same person, these two worlds have often overlapped, thus bringing up the idea that both of them exist in the same universe.

In the fifth episode of Star Wars’ latest TV series Andor, we see a couple of Sankara Stones in the shop of Luthen Rael, a Rebel Alliance leader. These stones were first seen in the film Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. On the other hand, in Temple of Doom, we see a bar called Club Obi Wan, in which Indy and his friend, Willy and Short Round, get into a fight with some Chinese goons. Obi Wan, as we know, is a Jedi Master from the Star Wars franchise.

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In another Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, we see hieroglyphs that are quite similar to Star Wars droids like R2-D2 and C-3PO. Besides these, there have been numerous other back-and-forth references between these two worlds. In the animated series Clone Wars, Indiana Jones’ Crystal Skull as well as the Staff of Ra’s headpiece made an appearance.

With so many Easter eggs between the two franchises, it would not be a surprise to finally get a crossover between these two worlds. And with Andor being a more grounded show than other Star Wars productions, it might be a good launch pad for a formal crossover.