Chris Rock was the center of all attention over the weekend. A year after getting smacked by Oscar winner Will Smith at the 94th Academy Awards, Rock hosted the new Netflix comedy show Selective Outrage, in which he revisited the situation at the conclusion of his hour-long act.

The Netflix Special has, in fact, generated a controversial response up to this point. While most found the special hilarious, some spectators, mostly Black, found Rock’s comments offensive and said that the comic was tokenizing himself.

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In response to that, a large number of famous people, including Jeff Dye and Bill Bellamy, have defended Chris Rock‘s right to make jokes about Will, Jada, and the slap.

Bill Bellamy claimed that Rock used his position and originality to address the issue as skillfully as he could without resorting to violence. Bill added that he didn’t think Chris had a vendetta towards Jada or any Black women. He also claimed that Chris tries to shoot at everyone, and occasionally some groups may feel insulted or defamed.

On the other hand, Jeff Dhye was a little stronger in his denial of the idea that Chris deserved what he got, calling it a crazy notion. Also, he rejected the idea that anything or anyone should be off-limits in comedy.

However, it’s not just Bellamy and Dye who feel so. Many other celebrities like Leslie Jones and D.L. Hughley have expressed their support for Chris Rock.

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Defending Rock, Jones commented on one of his posts, “Y’all forget he got slapped in front of the world yo! His kids, his mama, peers EVERYONE! I wonder how y’all muthaf—-s would handle that! And he is A COMEDIAN this is his way of expressing it. If he sang he would write a song. Cause it’s a painful thing that happen.”

“Y’all act like you would be righteous! YOU ARE HYPOCRITES! Shut the f— up and go sit down,” she added.

While Hughley did not explicitly address Jada’s criticisms, he did say that Rock’s act was brilliantly performed in the program.

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In a long rant, Hughley wrote,

“Side note: That happened to HIM, to CHRIS … and the ENTIRE WORLD got to weigh in and talk trash and make jokes and ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ the whole damn thing to death,” continued the actor. “OTHER COMEDIANS have bits about it, it was an opener for most of us. The ONE PERSON YOU NEVER HEARD FROM ABOUT IT WAS CHRIS!!”

“So NOW, that HE decides to address it on HIS TIME, people have the audacity to say: ‘he’s bitter … Why is he still talking about that … let it go … or the best one WE’VE MOVED ON.’ So YOU got to speak on it but he can’t??? Y’all are a straight f*n trip,” he continued.