Actor Jada Pinkett Smith candidly addressed the allegations raised by Will Smith’s former assistant, claiming that he witnessed the actor engaging in sexual activity with Duane Martin.

“It’s nonsense,” Jada said in response to the claims during her interview on The Breakfast Club. She painted Brother Bilaal, Will’s previous ally and helper, as an unsuccessful money-shake-downer.

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“We’re going to take legal action because it’s one thing to have your opinion about somebody versus salacious and malicious stories,” she said, emphasizing the need for legal action. That’s actionable, therefore we’re going to proceed with it. That’s untrue, and we’ll take care of it; that will conclude the matter. Certainly, we are going to file a lawsuit.”

As reported by TMZ, when their representative reached Jada outside iHeartRadio in New York, she reaffirmed this position and gave a brief response in response to a query regarding the allegations: “We suin’!”

After she made a two-word statement on camera. ‘We Suing’ started trending on X and several social media users started reacting to it.

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One user wrote, “New Meme Alert: We suing. Definition: Part Barbra Streisand Effect, part “I’m the only one allowed to embarrass my husband who I am separated from.””

““We Suing” 😂 Yeah. Get Him For EVERY Penny!” another user wrote.

One X user tweeted, “We Suing! Tasha K must have long pockets . If what Brother Bilaal can prove his case it will purger Big Willy on the stand.”

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During her talk on The Breakfast Club, Jada talked about Will’s reaction to the allegations. “Will has this one positive quality. It will always make him laugh. Because it’s so ludicrous, you have to. You know, you just have to joke about it. We just laughed about it when he said, “Do you believe this shit?”