Ace is commonly featured as the canine-fighting partner of Batman. The best thing about Ace the Bat-Hound is that originally he wasn’t even Batman and Robin’s dog. Ace’s creation was inspired by the success of Krypto. He was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Sheldon Moldoff, who mentioned that the character of Ace was inspired by Rin Tin Tin. 

 Ace debuted in Batman #92, as the dog of a kidnapped engraver. Ace, a German Shepherd, wound up in the possession of Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne posts notices around Gotham to find the dog’s owner. When Ace turned out to be the only witness to its owner’s disappearance and the only one who could actually track him, Bruce faced a problem. If he was seen in public with the dog, people would notice the connection to Bruce Wayne, and discern Batman’s identity. To forestall that problem, he hastily improvised a hood-like mask for the dog that incorporated the bat emblem. 

“He is a great dog, Mr Wilker. It was HE who really saved us”, said Batman to Ace’s owner. Ace returned to the Batcave in 1955, on loan from John Wilker to help Batman and Robin capture a gang using a trained dog. 

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A two-way radio on Bat-Hound’s collar enabled Batman to eavesdrop on the bandits and issue commands to Ace. Ace also appeared in a movie with Batman and Robin, where he tracked down a deadly explosive, and pursued a fugitive Batman. 

Bat-Hound met the other family members of Batman notably, Batwoman in Batman #125 and Bat-Mite in Batman #133. Batman comic books as written by DC Universe’s writers take on Batman presented Ace as a slavering demonic dog with telepathic powers and an appetite for criminals. 

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Batman and Ace have been on many missions together. In Batman #465, Ace can be seen rushing to the Batmobile. Batman used Ace’s sense of smell to track Killer Croc. Ace the Bat-Hound is one of the best members of the Bat-family, even though he is not given much spotlight. 

In the animated series Batman Beyond, Bruce Wayne has a black Dane-mix. He plays an important role in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker when he defeats one of the Joker’s spliced with hyena DNA. He also saves Terry. He managed to destroy Joker’s machine by knocking him down, causing him to lose his joy buzzer. 

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Ace the Bat-Hound then appeared in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode, where he helps Batman fight Catman and an endangered tiger. 

DC League of Super Pets will present us with yet another origin story for Ace and his mission with Batman.