Nishant Bhat, the  Bollywood choreographer, has caught the eye of a large number of viewers with his incredible journey in Bigg Boss 15. Nishant Bhat was first featured in the six-week-long edition on Bigg Boss OTT. He gained mass recognition there and emerged as the first runner-up. The dancer then entered the TV version of Bigg Boss hosted by Salman Khan.

Nishant Bhat is one of the finalists of Bigg Boss 15 who never shied away from calling a spade a spade. He was unbiased as he was often seen speaking for people who were not his friends when they got into fights in the Bigg Boss house. He never failed to express himself and didn’t care if he was right or wrong. 

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Nishant Bhat bonded well with Pratik Sehajpal, the actor and first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 15. Their friendship is  loved by  fans and has been trending with the hashtag: #pranish. The two have been friends since day one and  stood together through every hurdle. They showed immense respect for each other and had each other’s back. Nishant never doubted Sehajpal’s friendship and trusted him completely. He never second guessed his decisions when it came to tasks. Nishant  was a contestant on Bigg Boss OTT and he knew the format of the game. He used it to his advantage and has been playing smartly since day one.  

He knew his game well and used his brains to win the audience’s hearts. He avoided nomination for most of the show. Nishant was not popular like other celebrities in the house but he gained by being smart. 

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The choreographer also took  feedback in a positive spirit. He never interrupted Salman Khan when he bashed him on the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes. He didn’t even defend himself but took the criticism and tried working on it. His diplomatic ways made others trust him.

Nishant Bhat’s performance in the house mixed  things up in a rather entertaining way. He never favoured any contestant but he also never turned his back on anyone, He has been unpredictable but the audience has been admiring him for being ‘realistic’.