Blue Beetle is an upcoming DC superhero film featuring the DC Comic character Blue Beetle also called Jaime Reyes. It is the fourteenth installment within the DC Extended Universe. 

The movie is directed by Angel Manuel Soto and written by Gareth Dunnet-Alocer. John Rickard and Zev Foreman will produce the film. DC Studio and The Safran Company are the two production companies affiliated with the movie. 

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Release Date:

The movie is set to release on the 18th of August this year. While the movie was initially conceived as an HBO Max film, it is now set for a theatrical release. 

The movie is said to have a runtime of 2 and a half hours. However, this has yet to be confirmed. 

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Blue Beetle sees fresh faces within its cast. Xolo Maridueña is set to appear in the role of Blue Beetle/ Jamie Reyes. The actor is best known for his role in the Netflix series Cobra Kai as Miguel Diaz. 

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The supporting cast is a host of famous faces, including Adriana Barraza, an Academy Award Nominee who will play the role of Reyes’ grandmother. Famous stand-up comedian George Lopez will star as Reyes’ uncle. 

Reyes’ love interest, Penny, will be played by Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine. Actress Belissa Escobedo, best known for her role in Hocus Pocus 2 will star as Reyes’ sister. 

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Blue Beetle’s cast will also include American actress and activist Susan Saradon as the antagonist,  Viktoria Kord. 


The film is premised around recent college graduate Jaime Reyes who returns home to find things not how he left them. Jamie tries to find a purpose when he encounters the Scarab, an ancient alien relic. However, things take a unique turn when the Scarab chooses Reyes to be its host. As a result, Reyes is gifted with armor and finds himself with extraordinary superhuman powers. Jaime Reyes then becomes Blue Beetle, and it is up to him to define his future. 

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As mentioned, the film is directed by Angel Manuel Soto, who was hired in February 2021 by HBO Max. 


The movie’s trailer was released on 3rd April this year. Very little has been released about the movie so far except the fact that the movie acknowledges other superheroes like Batman.