BORG, or Black Out Rage Gallon, is a new trend that broke out on social media, particularly TikTok. It refers to a new way of drinking responsibly that would help them avoid hangovers.

BORG is actually a public trend where people take a gallon of water and replace half of it with the alcohol of one’s preference. Vodka is widely chosen by such drinkers. Desired strength can be achieved by adding a drink to the water in different quantities. 

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The step further includes adding a mixer of choice. Popular mixers include Mio mixers and Liquid IV. Liquid IV is an electrolyte which helps avoid a hangover the next day of drinking. Others use Tito’s, Kool-Aid and Celsius in the drink as well. Pouring all of the ingredients into the gallon, the drink is to be shaken and consumed at the party or throughout the day. 

The trending BORG hashtag amassed over 65 million views. It seemed to be most popular among college goers. It probably could have happened as this type of drink gave them complete autonomy to make a drink with an alcohol ratio of one’s preference.

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Dr. Tucker Woods from Lenox Health Greenwich Village said in an interview that BORG drinking may seem dangerous, but it is comparatively a healthier drinking method.  He said that since electrolytes are often added to the drink as well, it helps one prevent dehydration.

BORG drinking trend originated in March 2020 when people were exploring safer ways to enjoy a drink with their friends during the covid pandemic.

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A social media user said that people consider this a better way of drinking than binge drinking. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention refers to binge drinking consuming five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women. Several people get diagnosed with binge drinking and are then taken to the hospital when they overdose on alcohol. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recommends tracking the number of drinks they consume over a given period of time to avoid binge drinking.