Coolio, the famous American rapper who passed away on September 28, had completed his work on the revival of the science fiction sitcom Futurama weeks before he breathed his later, the show’s executive producer David X. Cohen said to TMZ in an interview. 

The legendary rapper played the role of Kwanzaa-bot in the series. The character goes on a tour across the world every year, when he distributes a book called “What the Hell is Kwanza [sic]?”

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Coolio made his first appearance in the series in A Tale of Two Santas, an episode in the fourth season. He reprised his character for the seventh season’s The Futurama Holiday Spectacular and the film, Bender’s Big Score, based on the series.

Regarding Coolio’s performance in the series, Cohen also said, “Coolio was one of my favourite guests. He was always totally upbeat and genuinely enjoyed coming in to record as his character Kwanzaa-bot.” Besides playing the character, Coolio also laid down some tracks that would be featured in the series’ revival.

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Futurama ended in 2013 after its seventh season and a total of 140 episodes. However, in 2022, Hulu decided to revive the series for 20 more episodes that are scheduled to be released in 2023.

Coolio, besides his music, has appeared in a number of films and TV shows over the years. He has been a part of movies like Daredevil, The Beat, and Three Days to Vegas. His TV appearances include shows such as Kenan & Kel and Black Jesus. He regularly appeared in the reality TV series Coolio’s Rules and later on its spinoff, Cookin’ With Coolio. 

With Coolio having completed his work in Futurama, fans of the show, as well as its cast and crew, will be able to bid a proper farewell to his character, Kwanzaa-bot.