The Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Dinesh Karthik, during an off-cricket virtual interview with Baradwaj Rangan,  revealed details about his favorite cinema and music.

The Indian Premier League is just a day away and the eight teams are sweating all the pressure under the scorching skies that exhale 45° C as a hobby. The tournament that is expected to be tougher than ever, will witness the players adapt to unprecedented circumstances to establish their might in the thirteenth edition of the biggest domestic league.

Amid the busy training schedule, Dinesh Karthik took out some time to step out of the captain’s boots and enjoy a casual conversation with film critic, Baradwaj Rangan on The Film Companion South YouTube channel.

Rangan started by helping Dinesh draw a pretty picture of the director and actor that could make the latter’s biopic possible. Karthik with all his interests varying from Tamil Cinema to Bollywood, chose ‘3 Idiots’ director Rajkumar Hirani as the most suited person to lead the making of his biopic ‘Rangan’ referred to as ‘Dinesh Karthik: the untold story’. While discussing the actor that would play the wicketkeeper-batsman, Karthik was sure of Vikrant Massey as his best option, mainly due to a starking resemblance.

The 35-year-old cricketer revealed his love for AR Rahman’s music paired with Shakthisree Gopalan’s immersing voice. ‘Bhoomi Bhoomi’, a song that came out in 2013 is one of his favorites.

The KKR captain wore the purple and golden for the first time in 2018 after playing a finishing role at the Gujrat Lions in the previous season. After spending two years, working under the influence of Shah Rukh Khan, Karthik asserted his admiration of the Bollywood Superstar. One thing that inspires him the most is the Chennai Express actor’s ability to lead.

“Shah Rukh is a leader by heart,” Dinesh mentioned in the last segment of the interview.