‘Atlanta’ is ending with Season 4, FX boss John Landgraf announced, as per Variety. 

While Season 3 is slated to air on March 24, the fourth and final season of ‘Atlanta’ is expected to arrive in the fall. Landgraf added, according to Variety, “The fourth and final season is slated to debut in the same manner this fall. The new season is everything you’ve come to expect from ‘Atlanta,’ which is to say, expect the unexpected. Sit back and enjoy the trip”. 

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Series creator Donald Glover has also reacted to the news of the cancellation. Deadline reported him saying, “To be honest I wanted to end it at Season 2. Death is natural…when the conditions are right for something, they happen, and when the conditions aren’t right they don’t happen. Things start to get weird…you can’t do too much. The story was always supposed to be what it was and the story, it really was us.” 

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Notably, Season 2 aired in 2018 and ‘Atlanta’ won five of the 22 Emmy nominations it received, over its two seasons.

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Currently, Season 3 will be set primarily in Europe, and fans can see their favourite characters amid a Europe tour. While they navigate the surroundings, feeling like outsiders, the group also has to adjust to the success they’ve aspired to and found. 

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Zazie Beetz, who appears in the series as Van, noted that she was comfortable with the series coming to an early end rather than getting stale, Deadline reported her saying. 

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As per Deadline, Beetz reflected on the knowledge of the show ending impacted her performance in the final season. The ‘Joker‘ actor noted, as per Deadline, “I’m glad i knew it was ending because then I could lean into the relationships knowing this was my last chance to play Van. I think Van changed my life. I’m gad I had the opportunity to…put [her] in the back for now”.