Blueface shocked his fans after he posted a photo of his newborn son’s hernia on social media, accusing his baby mama, Chrisean Rock of neglect.

“This what my son d**k look like an she worried about me an lil baby c*** like bih get our son c*** right then do what you want,” he wrote alongside a graphic post of the newborn’s unhealthy genitals in order to prove the point that Rock was not a fit mother. The rapper is currently engaged in a custody fight with Rock over their son.

Blueface tried to defend his actions by claiming that their son, who was not even a month old, was suffering from a hernia but Rock had neglected his condition and failed to schedule the necessary surgery to correct the condition.

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Meanwhile, fans were split over Blueface’s action, with most of them calling for the rapper’s arrest over his lack of family discretion. Here are some of the reactions from angry fans:

Meanwhile, Rock clapped back at Blueface’s actions in a series of tweets. “I tried making peace but he knew certain things I wasn’t for real about like actually doing milfmusic and back yo giving my income to him,” she wrote, adding in another post, “Crazy i didn’t even know u posted our sons D**k on social media woah this man knows how to hurt me bro I got nothing else to say blue this ain’t ya kid no more blue I got nothing but love for this tragic situation.”

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In a separate post she added: “Devastated it’s ok Chrisean Jr and I will get through this shit n come out untouched or broken in the end . Who post there sons d**k for clout? Yo this hurt so bad so u happy to post our sons p***s…like bro is this legal ? As a mother do I call this in ? wtfff.”

One more post from her read, “I got a team and ppl around me helping more n facilitating what I can’t. I kicked out extra money for my kids child care and assisting but I’m not finna keep explaining my self this my last tweet for every one and everybody . Stay up n be blessed BIG ROCK NOT the little one…”