Prince Harry posed for this week’s edition of People Magazine, which also included his interview with the publication regarding his bombshell memoir Spare, which hit the stores on Monday, January 10. 

The Duke of Sussex, 38, was featured on the cover of the magazine, which was also tweeted out by the magazine. Social media users remarked how Harry’s blue eyes seemed to have been brightened up and his hairline had been thickened. 

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One of the critics said Harry’s photos looked straight out of a ‘faux fashion photo shoot’ which included him walking on a wooden terrace and leaning against patio doors, donning an open blue shirt and dark jeans. 

Harry also seemed to be wearing a black leather cord necklace. Many have claimed that it is identical to the one he said during one of the interviews had been broken by his brother Prince William in an alleged fight at Kensington Palace during a row over Meghan Markle’s behavior. 

“Y’all should get an award for the amount of Photoshop that went into this pic,” one of them said, while another wrote, “That is some really impressive photoshopping. Really glad we’re finally seeing the real Harry. All the nastiness, narcissism and resentment. Hope the millions of dollars was worth torching your reputation.”

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A third social media user said, “The bad thing about doing a media blitz is that people can see what you really look like. The Photoshop is way overboard here!” One more stated, “He’s not fooling anyone with the wig or photoshop curls.” Another noted, “the book is as fake as his hairline in this picture.” A user tweeted, “Be a man Hazza embrace your baldness Prince William is so handsome bald.”

People magazine asked Harry what his family might think about his book. He has already admitted in another intreview that he didn’t think they would read it.

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“I don’t want to tell anyone what to think of it and that includes my family. This book and its truths are in many ways a continuation of my own mental health journey. It’s a raw account of my life — the good, the bad and everything in between,” Harry said.

He added: “My hope has been to turn my pain into purpose, so if sharing my experience makes a positive difference in someone’s life, well, I can’t think of anything more rewarding than that.”