Julia Garner won the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at the 2022 Primetime Emmys for her role in Ozark, the Netflix series. She plays the part of Ruth Langmore, a smart girl who comes from a local criminal family but tries to make her way up in the world through grit and a little bit of ingenuity. 

Garner, 28, submitted Sanctified, the midseason finale of the show’s last instalment. It is focused on Ruth Langmore and shows her range of emotions as the character finds her brother and his wife murdered. Garner, however, has shown her brilliance over the seasons. The actor has already won two other Emmys for her role as Langmore in Ozark. These include Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series in 2020 and 2019. 

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The actor’s performance captures Langmore’s character arc, from someone who doesn’t back down from a fight to someone who knows when to strike at the enemy. She starts by learning from Marty Byrde but eventually decides to look after her own family, growing disenchanted with her boss’ techniques. 

When accepting the award, Garner said, “First of all, I want to thank the Television Academy. I want to thank everybody at Netflix and MRC. I want to thank our showrunners and all the writers in the writers’ room, thank you for writing Ruth”, adding, “She changed my life.” 

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She continued, “I want to thank Jason Bateman for taking a chance on me. And Laura Linney, you’ve been such a guiding light to me. I just feel really grateful, really grateful, to be here… and to play Ruth and to be with such amazing, beautiful artists. I love you all.” 

Ozark finished airing in April and has 13 Emmy nominations this year. Looking back on her performance as Ruth Langmore, Garner had told Entertainment Tonight, “It’s always funny because… by the time it comes out, I forget, like, how intense it was”.