Some viewers of Bigg Boss OTT claimed filmmaker Karan Johar to be a biased host, while others loved his over the top personality. Although Karan maintained that he is ‘fair host’, viewers slammed him for favouring actress Shamita Shetty.

Karan Johar on Instagram shared that he will be joining the Bigg Boss OTT as the host. He wrote, “Ok here I am !!! The host of #biggbossOTT @voot @vootselect #biggbossottonvoot all the fun, craziness and over the topness will be unleashed soooooon!!!! Watch this space for more !!!!”

On the first weekend episode, Karan gave an earful to the contestants for their negative actions during the week. Karan had severely criticised Divya Agarwal, due to which he was bashed by the viewers for being biased.

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In the next ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ episode, Karan yet again slammed Divya for mentioning him and speaking ill of him on the show.

Divya explained that due to Karan’s harsh comments in the previous week, the housemates had cornered her.

Karan Johar criticised Zeeshan Khan for his misogynist comments towards the Bhojpuri actress Akshara Khan. Karan asked Zeeshan to sit separately, behind other contestants.

Zeeshan was not given a chance to explain why made those comments towards Akshara. This caused the viewers to bash Karan, they accused him of being an unfair host. 

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TV actor Suyyash Rai said that he felt bad for Zeeshan. Suyyash told Karan Johar to stick to filmmaking as he was not doing justice to the position of Bigg Boss.

Karan was also accused of being favourable to Shamita Shetty and Neha Bhasin. For any matter raised by Karan about the contestants on the ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ episode, he would always ask the two ladies’ opinions. He also listened to them patiently. But when other contestants spoke he cut them off.

A fan wrote, “Shamita herself said that if she is wrong in speaking about #MooseJattana’s body then karan would have pointed it out!! Exactly behna we are also wondering that why didn’t karan say anything to you!! Clearly biased hai na!!”

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Even Bigg Boss OTT contestants Milind Gaba and Zeeshan Khan called host Karan Johar biased. Milind told Zeeshan that Karan let only Shamita Shetty speak, “I found him (Karan Johar) biased,” he added.

Former Bigg Boss OTT contestant Karan Nath told The Indian Express.“He (Karan Johar) is very entertaining as a host, no doubts on that. What I didn’t like was that my niceness was ignored completely. He only discussed fights, hungama and controversies.” 

Karan Nath also said, “If I get the chance, I’d definitely want to meet Salman Khan. I think he also highlights the positives in addition to the negatives. He talks about people who are doing good also, and I think a very good host is one who also talks about the right things, along with the negatives.”

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Recently evicted contestant Muskan Jattana said, “Every Sunday Ka Vaar, Karan Johar used to ask – Shamita what’s your opinion, Neha what’s your opinion. They (Shamita and Neha) themselves indulged in sexist remarks, and have said things about me openly – why didn’t Karan Johar question that?”

Divya Agarwal who was targetted by the host Karan Johar blamed him for her housemates’ stand-offish behaviour towards her. Divya told Akshara that Karan had said some false things about her that caused the housemates to distance themselves from her. 

Actress Kishwar Merchant slammed Karan Johar for not listening to the housemates’ side of the story. She wrote on Twitter, “Karan Johar asking questions but atleast wait and let the participant explain why he said what .. ridiculous !!!”

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“Only Shamita is allowed to speak.. please keep quiet guys !!!” she further wrote.

Former Bigg Boss contestants Rochelle Rao and Arshi Khan supported Karan Johar. They opined that he was an entertaining and perfect host for the OTT show.