Katy Perry reportedly wants to quit American Idol after receiving a slew of backlash this season. She also blamed the producers for purposely editing the show in a way to make her look like a “nasty judge.”

The 38-year-old singer fears that she is being repeatedly “thrown under the bus by producers” after six years on the show. Sources told Daily Mail that the Roar hitmaker has thrown tired of the constant backlash that she has received this year from the viewers. The trigger came when she was booed live by the crowd when she was criticizing the contestants. Although she has faced criticism in the past, the latest season of the show was deemed to be particularly difficult for her.

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Perry’s mother-shaming comments against a contestant named Sara Beth Liebe, 25, caused her to quit the show. “She feels like her comments could have been removed. Katy became aware of the harsh criticism. Getting booed really upset her. She was trying to stay in her lane, do her job, and go home. She went into it thinking she was going to foster young talent. For her good intentions to be misinterpreted it was not what she wanted,” a source told the publication.

The source added: “She has accomplished so much in her career and is now being looked at as a nasty reality show judge. Katy’s wanted out for some time now, but this season was way too much for her to handle.”

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The backlash against Perry reached new heights during Hollywood Week when she told contestants Carina DeAngelo and Nutsa Buzaladze that their performances were “underwhelming.” and that their “energy was broken.”

Many American Idol fans have since called for her to be replaced. Others, who called the show rigged when this year’s winner, Iam Tongi was announced, have dragged her for being a part of the so-called ploy.

If Perry goes through with her decision to quit the Idol, she will effectively be walking away from a $25 million-per-season paycheck. However, the source added that Perry is more concerned about protecting her legacy than care about the money at this point.