KBC 14: The metal used to make the medals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was extracted from what? 

Recycled Electronics 

Old Sporting Equipment

Scrapped railway tracks

Decommissioned airplanes 

Answer: Recycled Electronics

KBC 14: Traditionally, cashew is a primary ingredient of which of these sweets?

KBC 14: In what manner is the Devanagari script written?

KBC 14: Complete the title of this play by Bharatendu Harishchandra: ___ Chaupat Raja, Takke Ser Bhaji, Takke

KBC 14: In which of these places would you experience the effects of “High Tide” and “Low Tide”?

KBC 14: Which of these is generally cut when inaugurating something new?

KBC 14: Which bank has launched a Metaverse-based virtual lounge to showcase its products to customers…?

KBC 14: In 1953, the Parliamentary elections of which country was conducted under the charge of India’s first

KBC 14: One of the earliest projects of which Indian conglomerate was the construction of Mumbai’s Malabar Hil

KBC 14: In May 2022, at which institution did Telecom minister Ashwini Vaishnaw make a call on an indigenously

KBC 14: KBC 14: ‘Hinge’, ‘Pivot’, and ‘Ball and Socket’ are examples of what in your body?

KBC 14: Known as the ‘Queen of Ranthambore’, “Machhli” was an animal of which species?

KBC 14: Which of these is not the name of a Parliamentary Session?

KBC 14: Who is Chandragupta Maurya addressing as “Gurudev”?

KBC 14: Which of these words can be used to refer to steps on the banks of a river, as well as mountain passes

KBC 14: What name has been given to the 216-feet statue of Sri Ramanujacharya, unveiled in Hyderabad in…

KBC 14: The Australian spin legend Shane Warne captained which team to an IPL championship title?

KBC 14: What was the name of the operation carried out by the government of India to safely bring back Indians