Which of these features is not located along the western coast of India?

Answer: Pulicat Lake

Pulicat Lake, on the Coromandel Coast of Andhra Pradesh state, extends from the extreme southeastern portion of Andhra Pradesh into the adjacent portion of Tamil Nadu. It stretches to a length of 30 miles (50km) and a width of 3 to 10 miles (5 to 16 km). The lake is located on the swampy, Andhra plains, and the surrounding area is sparsely settled. Towns along the lake include Durgarajupatnam and Pulicat. The lake yields salt and prawns.

Pulicat Lagoon is the second largest brackish water lagoon in India. The lagoon is one of the three important wetlands to attract northern monsoon rain clouds during the October to December season. 

The lagoon comprises the following regions, which add up to 759 square kilometers (293 sq mi) according to Andhra Pradesh Forest Department, Pulicat Lake (Tamil Nadu-TN & Andhra Pradesh-AP) 2) Marshy/Wetland Land Region (AP) 3) Venadu Reserve Forest (AP) 4) Pernadu Reserve Forest (AP) The lagoon was cut across in the middle by the Sriharikota Link Road, which divided the water body into the lagoon and marshy land.

The lagoon encompasses the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary. The carrier island of Sriharikota separates the lagoon from the Bay of Bengal and is home to the Satish Dhawan SSpace Centre. 

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