A British woman, who was out swimming in a Mexican lagoon, recalled the moment when she fought off a crocodile with one hand to save her twin sister. Georgia Laurie, 28, saw her sister, Melissa, being drag underwater by the reptile and feared that she might not see her sister again.

“I heard her scream and I saw her being taken underneath by the crocodile. Then I realised she was really in trouble when I was calling out her name and there was no response from her,” she told the BBC.

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Georgia said that once she saw Melissa’s body floating in the river, he swam toward her, grabbed her body and was trying to revive her. Meanwhile, the crocodile was charging toward them.

“The crocodile kept coming back for more – so she just started hitting it. She’d heard that with some animals, that’s what you’ve got to do,” their older sister Hana Laurie was quoted by BBC as saying.

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According to a report in Guardian, Melissa continues to recover from the injuries she sustained in the attack. After the incident, she developed sepsis and was put in a medically induced coma. However, sepsis is not an issue anymore.

Melissa sustained injuries on her stomach and legs. Hana said that since crocodiles try to drown their prey, Melissa had a lot of water and grass in her lungs.

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The twins, from Berkshire, had been in Mexico to volunteer, work in animal sanctuaries and travel.