Rapper Lil Tjay has been arrested in New York City, for the second time this year, and the incident was filmed live on Instagram.

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NYPD arrested Lil Jay after officers allegedly found a firearm in his car. The Columbia Records artist broadcast this whole altercation with the police on Instagram Live.

A video that has since gone viral on social media shows the rapper telling police officers not to touch him in New York City. When the officer asked him to raise his hand, he said, Do not cuff me, bro.” Do not touch me, bro. Nah, bro. Don’t touch me, bro! What am I under arrest for? Don’t touch me. Do not touch me, bro … You fake ass—how you gon’ tell me you gon’ cuff me and stop? You know you can’t cuff me.”

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A police officer asked Lil Tijay to turn around, which upset him. When the situation got worse, the rapper denied there was a firearm in the car. 

“No, bro. Hell no. What’s in the car? I don’t know what’s in the car,” he adds. “Don’t touch me. There’s no firearm in the car.”

Lil Tjay was taken by the police. He was encouraged not to respond by observers. In order to continue filming the incident, one of his friends picked up his phone. Authorities haven’t yet announced any charges against Lil Tjay.

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In 2019, another clip of Lil Jay’s arrest went viral, but the scene ended up being part of his “F.N” music video. In January of this year, TJay and four others were arrested after police pulled over Tay J’s car. Four loaded guns were found in the vehicle without a valid driver’s license. While en route to filming a music video for “Ice Spice,” the group was charged with second-degree gun possession charges and released by the New York City Department of Corrections on $ 30,000 bail and $90,000 bond.