To advertise their enhanced bivalent COVID-19 booster, Pfizer just put out a new commercial starring businesswoman and TV personality Martha Stewart. Stewart is heard saying: “Unwelcomed Guest” as she sharpens a sizable sword in the center of a lavish kitchen in the commercial.

“You know that unwelcome guest that everyone wishes would just leave already? That’s COVID-19.”

The celebrity chef then describes how the bivalent COVID-19 booster can aid in preventing exposure to the virus’s omicron version before dramatically chopping off a pineapple’s top and tossing it into the trash. Stewart asks the audience whether they “got it,” signifying the booster dose, as she then raises her arm to expose a blue band-aid covering her injection site. Soon after, on-screen graphics helped viewers register and schedule their next vaccine by directing them to the official vaccination website.

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The vaccine manufacturer previously unveiled another star-studded advertisement last month before releasing the most recent one. The preceding ad, “A Whole Different Ball Game,” included the performers Pink, Questlove, Michael Phelps, who won an Olympic gold medal in swimming, and actor Jean Smart.

The four actors were seen talking about their distinct risk factors for COVID while tossing a ball fashioned like a coronavirus around in the commercial. The famous people made suggestions that their health issues, such as Pink’s asthma, Questlove’s obesity, Phelps’ depression, and Smart’s diabetes, could make COVID-19 more hazardous for them.

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The “Know Plan Go” campaign, launched by the firm that makes vaccines, aims to raise awareness of COVID among high-risk populations.

The latest Martha Stewart commercial received criticism after the Grammys satanic scandal and the potential that Pfizer might sponsor the award show, in contrast to the previous advertisement, which received criticism from a number of anti-vaxxers on social media. Pfizer’s sponsorship of the 65th Grammy Awards came under fire after Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ “satanic” performance of Unholy was criticized by many.

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Petras and Smith performed on a stage that was encircled by flames and decked up in red lights while donning all-red attire for the performance. Smith was seen sporting a crimson helmet with devil horns, and Petras was seen performing within a cage with dancers dressed as the devil.

The Grammys were “sponsored by Pfizer,” according to an audio clip that was played shortly after their performance was over on the show.