Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area offered a glimpse into new episodes in a two-and-a-half-minute clip at Netflix fan even, Tudum

The clip shows a man realizing he’s been surrounded, while in a public area. He attempts to evade his pursuers, entering a building. One of the people following him instructs the others to wait, while he enters the building alone, in search of the man. 

The two exchange blows on the top floor, one of them draws a firearm, and the Korean version of the Spanish original gets a chance to show an action sequence. The gun is coolly rendered useless, taking the magazine and the bullet in the chamber out of play. However, the man being pursued is overpowered and thrown down. As his attacker goes down the stairs to finish the job, he is called “comrade” and then chides the man on the ground for having gone soft and tells him that he had not trained the fallen man well. 

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The man on the ground says he knows change has been ordered by higher-ups, that people like him are to be used and discarded. He draws a knife and the other man pulls out a garotte. The man on the ground gets a strike in but is soon disarmed and the pursuer gains the upper hand again, pulling the metal wire around his neck. He tells the man that his wish was to make it quick for old times’ sake, but the encounters changed his mind. He attaches the wire to a mechanized hook and proceeds to string the man up till his life is choked out.

The Spanish Money Heist has had its moments of violence and deaths, but not many as morbidly creative as the South Korean version promises. In the show, the master strategist is also called Professor. He’s inspired by the Spanish heists and creates a hostage situation at the mint of a unified Korea. The Professor has his own team who have different roles to play and also take names of cities, as in the original Money Heist. 

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While the first six episodes were released on June 24, 2022, no release date is out for the other 6 episodes.