Los Angeles rapper MoneySign Suede, as per All Hip Hop, has died in a Los Angeles jail.

“RIP Suede – Apparently rappers don’t even need to be famous now before being murdered and getting added to a mural on the side of The Marathon store,” a Twitter user said.

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Three people were killed in a shooting spree during a party that rapper MoneySign $uede was hosting. According to reports, the rapper was kicking off summer with a party at a warehouse.

MoneySign $uede, who has millions of views on his YouTube channel and more than 141,000 followers on this verified Instagram account, had a queue of fans waiting to see him earlier in the day. The Los Angeles rapper MoneySign Suede is only 22 years old.

Two persons were shot inside the warehouse where the incident took place, and one person was discovered dead on the pavement outside. Now, word of Moneysign Suede’s passing has spread, but no media outlet has confirmed it.

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After releasing his debut self-titled album in March 2022, the rapper has gained popularity in recent years. He released Parkside Baby and Parkside Santa in the same year.

He was most known for his songs BACK TO THE BAG, She Gon Choose, and Veteran, and he was from Los Angeles, California.
Despite spending numerous years in and out of jail, Suede persisted in his career goals.

Speaking in an interview in October, he said: “I recorded [Parkside Baby] ever since I came out of jail. Just by coming out of jail, I was really motivated. My mindset was: I gotta go hard for me. That was last May. Being out of jail, just trying to make the best music I could make. It all came together.”

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Fortunately, the rapper’s supposed demise has already been revealed to be a complete fabrication. Moneysign Suede is still alive and well.