Several Glendale police department officers rushed to Billie Eilish’s LA home Wednesday afternoon after a prankster sounded a false alarm that the singer may be in trouble. Law enforcement sources said they got a call to check on Billie Eilish’s well-being, reported TMZ.

When officers reached the home, they made contact with members of the singer’s team and determined everything was fine so it appears someone made a prank call. Several cops were snapped outside the Grammy Award-winner’s home.

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While the call was a false alarm, Eilish and her family recently has a serious issue at the house where she grew up and where her parents live.

According to a TMZ report, the singer received a 5-year restraining order against Christopher Anderson after he allegedly broke into the family home last month, asserting his love for Billie. The restraining order also protects her mother, father, and brother, Finneas.

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The 39-year-old Anderson reportedly tried to break into Billie’s childhood home by jumping over a fence. No injuries were reported and Anderson was taken into custody.

Eilish claims Anderson entered the property “apparently professing his love for me and expressing that he really wanted to meet me”.

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The singer alleges he had turned up to the property “unannounced and uninvited” multiple times between late December and early January, in legal documents obtained by PA.

“I have viewed images of this individual and can confirm I have no idea who he is and that I have had no prior relationship or communication with him,” Billie said.

She said that police had been called to the residence on five separate occasions prior to the incident.

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The Bad Guy hitmaker is just another in a slew of celebs who have fallen victim to these prank calls. A few weeks ago, some Britney Spears fans called the police to check the singer after she deleted her Instagram page. It was determined during that incident that Britney was completely fine and the cops left without trouble.