Sam Smith’s Grammys performance stirred a lot of online controversy on Twitter when many branded him of satanic worship. Several people referred to his performance of his song Unholy with Kim Petras as demonic and gory.

Now, a distressing video of the musician being verbally abused in New York City’s Central Park by an unidentified person spewing hateful anti-LGBTQ+ language has surfaced online.

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Following two significant appearances at the Grammy and Brit Awards, when they put on jaw-dropping antics, the singer was in New York City this week.

Sam, a non-binary performer, received criticism and support for their performances, leading to complaints to the FCC and Ofcom. The events included a group of backing dancers, car props on stage, and an intense kiss between two dancers at the finale.

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In the video posted online, the No God singer has been seen receiving a torrent of abuse from the woman.

Sam may be seen walking around Central Park alone, minding their own business while the woman cries, “You belong in Hell.” ‘Sam Smith belongs in hell, you demonic, twisted, sick b****d,’ she goes on.’ She then shouts at the star: ‘Leave the kids alone, you sick f****r.’

She accuses Sam Smith of being a pedophile and grooming children while raising her voice even higher, saying, “You sick motherf****r Sam Smith, you’re evil.” The video then abruptly ends as someone standing near the woman starts shouting something about the Illuminati.

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The singer ignored the taunts and kept moving, although at one point it looked like they were also recording the person cursing at them on camera.

Sam performed at the Grammys in an all-red ensemble on a relatively dark stage adorned with fire and red lights alongside his partner Kim Petras. It was reported that some viewers filed formal complaints with CBS, calling what they saw “satanic,” after entering the stage wearing bright red outfits complete with devil’s horns.