Portia de Rossi and Ellen Degeneres have been one of the most loved couple on social media. The beloved celebrity couple went viral on the internet once again as a video from Portio di Rossi’s birthday bash was posted. In the video, Rossi was seen in her 2008 wedding dress leaving Degeneres in shock.

On Tuesday, Portia de Rossi was celebrating her 50th birthday. The birthday bash was attended by Rossi and Degeneres friends and family. The couple shared a video showing an impromptu vow renewal ceremony on Thursday. Degeneres was visibly surprised by the gesture as Rossi walked in wearing the same gown from her 2008 wedding.

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The surprise came as Brandi Carlie performed “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” during the party. Rossi entered the room looking glorious in her white gown.

Kris Jenner, close friend of the viral couple, officiated the impromptu ceremony. “These two were born for each other…”, said Jenner during the vow renewal.

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Rossi also made a very emotional and beautiful speech to express her love to Degeneres. “I was thinking about what would make my birthday really special, it was reminding you that you’re the most important thing in the world to me”.

Degeneres seemed overwhelmed and touched by Rossi’s pleasant surprise. She was nearly at a loss for words. “I just adore you, I love you and I would not be on this earth without you”, Degeneres said to her beloved.

Degeneres shared the video of the whole event with her fans on her Instagram page. She expressed her gratitude to Kris Jenner and Brandi Carlie for their performance. She also thanked Rossi for the amazing gift.