Self-appointed critic Kamaal R Khan’s (KRK) entertainment website’s verified Twitter handle , KRK Box Office on Sunday, tweeted a photo of filmmaker Anurag Kashyap claiming that he died. The tweet said, “#RIP #AnuragKashyap! He was really a great storyteller! We will always miss you sir!” The next day, Kashyap retweeted the post with a sarcastic response leaving Twitter in splits. 

In his retweet, Kashyap says, “Saw Yamraj yesterday. He himself dropped me home today. He said, you have to make more films now. If you won’t make a film and fools/devotees won’t get to boycott it, then their lives will be meaningless. To give their lives a purpose, he left me behind.”

Later, KRK Box Office retweeted their previous post and apologised for the mistake. It said, “We are very sorry that one of our staff misunderstood the name of #AnuragKapoor with #AnuragKashyap and published a wrong news about Anurag Kashyap Ji. RIP #AnuragKapoor Ji!”

KRK had previously attracted Kashyap’s attention in 2015 when KRK had alleged that Kashyap and Karan Johar had asked him to stop reviewing films. Following the allegations, Kashyap said, “For the record I have nothing to do with Mr KRK stopping to review films, I think he is shit scared that he will have to eat his words …So he blames it on me, because it’s also easy to believe that I must have done it.”