Shawn Mendes on Thursday announced that he is releasing a new single – ‘What The Hell Are We Dying For?’. The singer on social media said that the song will release at midnight.

Mendes’ announcement came a day after several media reports said that he and Camila Cabello have broken up again. The 24-year-old was trolled for using a poster resembling a smoke-clogged New York City.

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The Big Apple briefly became the most polluted city in the world after smoke clouds from the Canadian wildfire clogged up. Mendes used a picture of NYC.

“Started writing this song yesterday morning with my friends in upstate Newyork & finished it only a few hours ago..felt so important to me to share with you guys in real time,” Mendes wrote on Twitter.

He was trolled.

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“shawn mendes seeing the dangerously hazardous skies of new york and thinking what a beautiful album art aesthetic that would make,” a social media user wrote.

“so they turned new york orange for shawn’s promo?? imma need this kind of promo for nm5! 🤯” another one added.

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Some defended him.

“i’m sorry but if you’re upset/mad that shawn’s releasing a song that’s for most likely going to be about climate change then you’re not a real fan…everyone knows how much climate change means to him and if you still don’t understand that then that’s your problem,” a Twitter user said.

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“y’all complained shawn was gone and never around, now he’s back with a new song yall wanna complain? no wonder he never wants to interact or do anything for us lol you guys ALWAYS have to find something negative,” another one added.

The Canadian hitmaker’s song should come out on his YouTube channel and all major streaming platforms – Spotify, iHeartRadio etc.