‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ gives participants a chance to take part in a series of games with a cash prize at the end. If this sounds suspiciously similar to the South Korean hit series on Netflix, it is because the reality show expands the ‘Squid Game‘ universe, following its popularity on the streaming platform. 

The ‘Squid Game’ reality show will see 456 participants compete in a series of games, inspired by the show, to try and win a $4.56 million cash prize, which is the largest lumpsum jackpot in reality television history. 

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However, losing in this game won’t have the same fatal consequences that the participants in the dystopic series had to face. Instead of any fatalities, contestants will simply have to return home empty-handed. 

The series draws on the “captivating story and iconic imagery” of the original, as per Netflix vice president of unscripted and documentary series Brandon Reigg. The show will be filmed in the UK, and participants from around the world can try to win the cash prize. 

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‘Squid Game’ took the world by storm depicting a tale of class mobility, where those who are strapped for cash are contacted by a mysterious entity where they have to partake in a series of popular games in order to win a prize. Soon, the contestants realize that the tournament is deadlier than they bargained for. 

Apart from the upcoming reality series, Netflix has also greenlit ‘Squid Game’ Season 2. However, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has noted that he’s still working on the story, and the next instalment’s arrival could be delayed. 

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The show’s popularity has already given birth to many iterations of the games all over the world, prompting safety concerns among children. In November 2021, YouTube star MrBeast created his version of the games, where 456 participants contested for a $456,000 cash prize. Meanwhile, in October, the Korean Cultural Centre in the UAE recreated the games for two teams of 15 participants.