‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Part 2 sees the heroes of Hawkins take the fight to Vecna. The antagonist faces a physical and mental battle, with Eleven using her psychic abilities, while Nancy, Robin, and Steve lob Molotov cocktails at him besides using a sawn-off shotgun to finish the job. 

Eleven keeps Vecna engaged in his mind palace, where the powerful telepath tries to push both her and Max to their limits, nearly killing both. However, his body is left unguarded in the Upside Down, which is where the trio use electric lights to follow Vecna’s trail and track him down. 

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Like Robin says, it’s time to “flambe” the psychic formerly known as One, and Steve sets things in motion, lobbing the first Molotov. Robin goes next, and then Nancy steps up with three well-placed shots from her sawn-off, to send the antagonist flying backwards out of the window and onto the ground. 

However, when they look out the window, his body has disappeared. 

‘Stranger Things’ is rife with horror references, and the cult slasher film ‘Halloween’ has already come up with Eddie putting on the Michael Myers mask in the penultimate episode. The assault on Vecna is bound to remind fans of John Carpenter’s masterpiece again, since Myers met a similar fate, taking handgun shots and falling to the ground, only for the body to vanish in an instant, leaving doubts about his demise. 

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Despite Vecna taking a beating, he’s most likely alive, as evidenced by Will’s fear in the final moments of Season 4. The first child to vanish and be taken to the Upside Down, Will brought back a part of that world with him, sharing a connection with the big bad boss of that realm – the Mind Flayer. Will asserts that the Mind Flayer needs to be killed but before that, Vecna might have to be put down permanently, which is likely to happen after an in-person showdown between Eleven and the Season 4 antagonist, following their current exciting mental battle.