‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Part 2 will end with its final two episodes arriving on July 1, and the upcoming Season 5 will see the show coming to an end altogether. The Duffer Brothers have already teased possible spinoffs and confirmed that work on the spinoff is progressing parallelly with preparations for the final season. They also shared how Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, on ‘Stranger Things’ has already guessed what the spinoff is about. 

The brothers noted that Wolfhard is a budding director, which is probably why he was able to envision the kind of story they’d want to present. While we might not be aspiring directors like the 19-year-old actor, here are 5 ‘Stranger Things’ spinoffs we’d like to see.  

Nancy Drew, sorry Wheeler 

Nancy Wheeler, with her dogged pursuit of truth, has helped uncover many of Hawkins’ mysteries. Even in Season 4, her determination to find out what happened to a popular girl from school leads her to discover the existence of Vecna. Focused, resourceful, and charming, Nancy’s work with the paper lets her do plenty of sleuthing which could make for a nice high school mystery series, something to the tune of ‘Riverdale‘. With The CW show coming to an end, perhaps this is where the ‘Stranger Things’ spinoff can make a mark. 

The Hawkins laboratory 

The laboratory in Hawkins has been at the core of the town’s mysteries, near impenetrable until very recently. It’s now clear that the opening to the Upside Down was located there, and the lab has been involved in several shady experiments including the ones involving Eleven and other psychic children like her. 

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A potential spinoff could see how the lab worked on a day-to-day basis and the kinds of crises people there had to deal with – from superpowered humans to strange creatures. 

Murray Bauman’s school of investigation 

Bauman is introduced as a private investigator who used to be an investigative journalist for the Chicago Sun-Times. The quirky character was first introduced while he was looking into the disappearance of Barbara Holland, and was hired by her parents. 

Soon, he stumbled upon the truth of the Hawkins laboratory when Nancy and Jonathan went to seek his help and Bauman was responsible for shutting down the Hawkins lab. Now, he’s someone who’s become adept at hand-to-hand combat. 

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With his flair for Russian, mistrust of the Soviets, and affinity for vodka, Murray would make for an interesting character study, especially if a spinoff were to focus on his investigative journalism days. 

Suzie and her never-ending story 

Suzie Bingham was first introduced in ‘Stranger Things’ when Dustin said he’d met a girl at camp. While his friends were initially sceptical, not only did Suzie turn out to be real, but also an expert with computers. She helped the Hawkins gang take down the Mind Flayer and since then, has helped Dustin change his grades by hacking into the school system. 

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In Season 4, Mike and the group go to her for help trying to locate Eleven. Suzie comes through, and in the process, viewers get to see her extremely unique family. A spinoff on just the Bingham clan would be a treat to watch and make for a great sitcom even. 

Yuri and a wish from the master of horror 

Yuri is introduced as an opportunistic smuggler who flies to Russia from Alaska and lives a materialistic life. He took no time to double Hopper and Joyce, just to get richer off the deal. Now, he’s stuck in a Russian jail with a Demogorgon on the loose. 

Irrespective of whether Yuri makes it out of the ordeal, there’s enough in the character’s past to make for an interesting show. Yuri’s escapades as a smuggler in his trusty old plane would make for a good story and the character’s iconic sense of humour would only help. Stephen King, the master of horror, also wants a spinoff on the character.