Stranger Things on Netflix is mainly a horror show, but love plays a significant role in the plot. From the beginning, the series has explored various facets of romance, from first loves to finding love after experiencing sorrow as an adult. But everyone’s favourite elder sister, Nancy Wheeler, has experienced the most ups and downs in her love life.

Since Season 2, Nancy has been caught in a traditional love triangle between her ex-boyfriend Steve, the former king of Hawkins High, and Jonathan, the newest artistic stoner in California. Eleven and Mike’s romance was already over when the fourth episode’s first half ended, so it’s probable that Nancy and Jonathan’s will be as well in the second half. Let’s examine the trio’s past to see why the Team Jacob vs. Team Edward argument pales in comparison to their romantic battle.

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Nancy’s connection with an immature youngster  was prominently shown in Season One of Stranger Things for a considerable amount of time. Nancy dissolved their relationship in Season 2 with the idea that they should go their separate ways and mature independently. Both of them have had a significant shift in viewpoint since that time. When it comes to Nancy, she is much more assured and graciously acknowledges that she is typically the sharpest person in the room. Steve has since discovered that the world does not revolve around him and that displaying selflessness as opposed to arrogance will benefit him in the long term.

They appeared to be as astonished by Nancy and Jonathan’s romance as other viewers were. Apart from their younger brother’s friendship, the two didn’t have anything in common before their night with Murray. Given that Nancy had recently ended her relationship with Steve a few episodes before, their attraction to one another seemed to come as a surprise to both of them. But ever then, it appeared as though the two were in a healthy and mature relationship. There is a wonderful scene in the opening episode of Season Four where Nancy and Jonathan alternately profess their love for one another. Distance, though, can occasionally spell the end for even the healthiest of relationships.

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Steve and Jonathan still have a tense background, even though their relationship isn’t much like Edward and Jacob’s. Steve created stories about Jonathan killing his younger brother at the school during Will’s abduction in Season 1. Of course, when they grew older and encountered danger, they developed a friendly bond. It remains to be seen if things will stay that way if Nancy decides to leave Jonathan for Steve.

Steve was horrified to see Nancy in such peril at the end of Season 4 Part 1. Many of their followers were torn, much like Nancy, by their trip up to that point, which hinted at unresolved sentiments between the former lovers. Jonathan hinted that he felt the need to remain in California with his family, so while it may be difficult, it may be best that Nancy and Jonathan part ways. Whatever their relationship status, everyone in the ‘Stranger Things’ family has been permanently connected by tragedy, so they will always feel close.