The Weeknd has long been a devoted fan of MF Doom. He routinely mentions him in his Instagram postings and even paid him homage by playing a handful of his songs on his Apple Music radio show.

Recently, The Weeknd paid tribute to rapper MF DOOM during his Portugal concert on Wednesday. Tesfaye’s breakthrough came after he anonymously posted tracks like “Loft Music” in 2010. He has lately started performing with bandages and prosthetics covering his face. During this concert, he wore a gladiator mask on stage.

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A lot of people on social media commented on Abel’s tribute, with one Twitterati commenting, “Ion listen to The Weeknd but this is awesome!” while another said, “The Weeknd honoring MF DOOM at his concert is just what I needed today.”

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A third user said, “Legends recognize legends.”

However, not everyone was on board with The Weeknd paying this homage, with one social media user saying, “I wanna know how The Weeknd thought he could really rock a MF DOOM look and not get cooked for it. Unless it’s an actual way to pay tribute to the goat, TAKE OFF THE MASK ABEL,” while another posted, “Wearing a mask does not equal paying homage.”

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A third user also commented, “he doesn’t deserve to wear that mask.”