Malyalam actor Vijay Babu on Monday was arrested in relation to a sexual assault case when the 46-year-old appeared before Ernakulam South police station for questioning. He was accused by an actor in Kochi of abuse, violence and blackmail for movie roles.

Vijay Baby was granted an anticipatory bail by the Kerala High Court on June 22. The court had asked the actor to not leave the state and to submit his passport. The investigation team, now, can question the ‘Aadu’ star till July 3. 

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The complainant alleged that Vijay Babu assulted her in a flat in Kochi multiple times. She added that he abused her on the pretext of offering roles in movies. A case against the actor was registered with the Ernakulam South Police on April 22. He reportedly fled to Dubai then and has returned earlier this month. 

On Sunday, the Association for Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) showed support for Vijay Babu. It said that any action would be taken only after the court’s judgement. The actor, had allegedly, revealed the identity of the complainant, a young actor, through social media.

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“When I was incapable of saying yes or no consciously, he used my body as a tool for his pleasure. He has forced himself on me and even forced me into oral sex in a car against my will. I was in a state of shock, incapable of talking or responding,” the victim said on the Facebook post, where she revealed the incident.

The complainant admitted that she entered into a relationship with Vijay Babu under the promise of roles in films and marriage. Kerala HC observed that one should not expect “ideal victim” behaviour from complainants. The judge said that consensual relationships “should not be converted into instances of rape”.