Pushkar and Gayathri directed Vikram Vedha is releasing on Friday, September 30, in India and the film has already caused much uproar among the fans. The Hrithik Roshan starring film is a remake of the 2017 blockbuster hit Tamil film of the same name and portrays Vikram, an Uttar Pradesh Police STF officer, played by Saif Ali Khan, trying to capture and arrest Lucknow-based gangster Vedha, played by Hrithik Roshan.

While police and gangster flicks are not uncommon in Bollywood, the portrayal of the STF is quite rare in the Indian film industry. Similar to the major of police films, the STF remains an original department of various state and city police in India. Let’s take a look at what the Uttar Pradesh Police STF is and what is it that they do.

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What is the full form of UP Police STF?

Police in all Indian states have a bunch of different departments, such as Homicide, Cyber Crime, Burglary and Detective. Similar to the rest of them, the STF is also a separate department of various Indian state police. The term STF stands for Special Task Force, and in the film Vikram Vedha, the Special Task Force of Uttar Pradesh Police has been portrayed.

What is the task of the Uttar Pradesh STF?

The real-life UP Police Special Task Force was created on May 4, 1998, for a handful of purposes. The UP Police Special Task Force is responsible for collecting intelligence regarding Mafia gangs and taking action against them, along with helping district police to take action against gangs and organised criminals.

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The department is led by an ADG (Additional Director General of Police), who is assisted by an IG (Inspector General). The STF conducts their work in teams, every one of which is led by an Additional SP or a Deputy SP. 

The Special Task Force of Uttar Pradesh Police has jurisdiction throughout the state, and can also operate outside UP, assisted by police of the respective state.