Vikram Vedha, the 2022 Hindi-language movie tells the story of a cop chasing a deadly gangster, and not afraid of getting his hands dirty in the process. It is a remake of the 2017 Tamil original. 

Abbas, played by Satyadeep Mishra of No One Killed Jessica fame, is Vikram’s friend and head of the special task force that the Uttar Pradesh police sets up to capture Vedha. He shares a degree of camaraderie with the protagonist, as evidenced in the moments leading up to the first raid the cops conduct on Vedha’s gang, where Shatak is shot dead. Before the UP police barge in through the doors, Vikram signals for Abbas to be the first through the door, but he defers and lets the trigger-happy cop take the lead. 

During the raid, Abbas freezes when he sees Shatak and Vikram is the one who pulls the trigger, killing Vedha’s younger brother. It later turns out that Abbas is having moral qualms about their encounters which does not let him sleep well. On the personal front, the cop’s child suffers a medical condition that drives up their bills. 

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Vikram’s buddy from his academy days eventually winds up dead, in a shootout that involves Shatak’s partner, Chanda. The cops chalk it to an encounter gone wrong, especially when Vedha denies having anything to do with Vikram’s friend’s killing. Abbas is a man deeply troubled by his actions, and one who believes that his son is suffering for his misdeeds. The cop shows a sacrificial side, when he takes the blame for Vikram’s encounter of Shatak, saying that as the head of the operation, all action should be taken against him. In a later, drunk conversation between the two, it turns out that Abbas has often faced the firing squad for Vikram’s actions from their days of training to be policemen. 

With such a strong bond between the two, it comes as a shock to Vikram when Vedha reveals the real reason Abbas died. It turns out he was accepting bribes from Babloo, a member of Vedha’s gang, bent on taking down the leader. He used the task force to kill Vedha’s associates and isolate the gangster. Plagued by guilt, Abbas – who knew of Chanda’s kidnapping – decided to go and help Shatak’s partner. However, this put him in the crosshairs of the corrupt task force officers, who killed him. 

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Vikram is unwilling to believe Vedha’s version of events until the gangster reminds the cop of Abbas’ child’s medical condition and how much hospital bills must cost. He raises the question of how Abbas afforded all that on a cop’s salary. Vikram is still hesitant and asks Vedha why Abbas did not go to his old friend for help. To this, the gangster replies that he was afraid of Vikram’s honesty. 

Abbas was the first to be corrupted and carried out hits for Babloo, even getting close to killing Vikram once. However, he later grew a conscience and tried to do the right thing, giving up his life in the process.