Vikram Vedha is the 2022 Hindi-language remake of the 2017 Tamil movie of the same name. It tells the story of a trigger-happy policeman in pursuit of a gangster with a heart of gold. Over the movie’s two hours and twenty-seven minutes runtime, Vedha – the criminal – continues to evade capture and when faced with the cop, poses questions of moral dilemma to him. 

As the chase continues, Vikram and Vedha find themselves on the same side of the battle. The former realizes his special task force has been a pawn in taking down Vedha, while the latter realizes someone within his gang is to blame for his brother, Shatak’s, death. 

They end up helping each other, where Vedha gives Vikram a bike part needed to restore his cop father’s old ride, and the policeman lets the gangster in on the identity of the rat within Vedha’s group, who had been contacting the police to stage encounters of his followers. Vedha heads to the snitch’s lair and confronts the traitorous associate, Babloo, played by Sharib Hashmi of The Family Man fame. 

He takes Babloo’s life but Vikram arrives at the scene and is about to take Vedha out for his crimes. The gangster manages to convince Vikram there is more to the story, and he has not caught the real killers yet. His story – Chor Police (thief and cop) tells Vikram why Abbas had to die and where the real rot lay. Saif Ali Khan’s cop character understands how he has been played by his own task force whose members were taking bribes from Babloo to kill Vedha’s associates in an attempt to weaken him. 

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The blinders are off in a tense confrontation with his team, including the Inspector-General. When Vikram realizes they were all in on it together, he holds the IG hostage while his colleagues draw their guns on him. Manuj Sharma’s Deepak, the team’s newest member, appears to be on Vikram’s side but eventually turns the gun on him and is about to take a fatal shot when Vedha leaps from above, knocking Deepak off balance and saving Vikram’s life. 

A fierce firefight ensues where Vikram and Vedha team up to take down the bad guys, and after the battle is won, they share a moment to catch up. Vedha jokes that killing the IG is a serious crime, but he knows a good lawyer – referring to Vikram’s wife, Priya, played by Radhika Apte. The cop’s response leads Vedha to surmise theirs is a love marriage, and he offers to tell another tale about his relationship to help Vikram. The policeman refuses, but while Vedha is talking, he pulls out his gun in an attempt to shoot Vikram. Turning around, he sees the cop already has his gun drawn and pointed at him. 

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The two are in a standoff when Vikram asks Vedha the final riddle – should the cop let the gangster go because the latter saved his life, or should he kill Vedha for his past crimes? The movie does not give an answer, raising the final moral dilemma of whether Vikram – who sees things in black and white – can finally see the shades of grey, after Vedha’s many attempts, or whether he will stick to his belief system and rain down punishment on anyone guilty of committing a crime, irrespective of their reasons and motives.