The trailer for the Showtime anthology series ‘The First Lady’ is out and shows presidential couples through the history of America. 

Among the families shown on screen are the Obamas, the Roosevelts, and the Fords. These former US presidents, their wives, families, and colleagues are all being portrayed by excellent actors. 

Case in point, Viola Davis plays the role of Michelle Obama in the upcoming series. We see how Obama has to navigate White House politics and not let her colour become a token factor in supporting causes. At one point in the trailer, she remarks that there’s no way the first lady will become a black Martha Stewart. We also get glimpses into the personal dynamic shared by the former president and the first lady. 

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As Michelle Obama expresses her fears about how time at the White House will change her as a person, we also witness how Barack Obama feels about his wife backseat driving, while he acts as the President.

When it comes to the Fords, Michelle Pfeiffer plays Betty Ford while Aaron Eckhart steps into the role of Gerald Ford. We are treated to several scenes where the character tells us how the first lady has to be a special kind of woman. 

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The trailer also shows us Gillian Anderson’s portrayal of Eleanor Roosevelt. We get a sense of the fierce independence in her as she tells her husband, Franklin D Roosevelt that he is married to a woman who has her own mind and life. In another scene, she chides him for pushing her away, reminding him that she’s his wife and not one of his girlfriends. 

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The series has ten episodes and apart from just figuring out what kind of first ladies they want to be, we see how these women have to balance their personal lives and the stress that comes with being married to the president of the United States.