Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow is facing a trial in Utah after being sued for a ski crash in 2016. The trial has been set for eight days and started on Tuesday, but it remains unclear if Paltrow will testify during the trial.

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However, some information has been revealed about what Paltrow has said during the trial. According to reports, Paltrow’s attorneys have argued that she did not cause the ski crash and that the plaintiff, Terry Sanderson, was actually at fault.

Paltrow’s attorney, Lawrence B. Keller, stated in court that Sanderson was an “experienced skier” who had “assumed all risks” when he collided with Paltrow. Keller also claimed that Paltrow was “attacked” and that the alleged victim had “never once” sought medical attention after the incident.

The Goop founder’s legal team also presented video evidence from the day of the crash, which they say proves that Paltrow was not at fault. The video shows Sanderson skiing into Paltrow from behind, according to the defense.

Sanderson’s attorneys, however, argue that Paltrow was skiing too fast and recklessly on a beginner’s run, and that she caused the crash. They also claim that Paltrow violated the law by leaving the scene of the accident and failing to render aid.

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The trial is expected to continue for several more days, and it remains to be seen what additional information will be revealed. Meanwhile, both Paltrow and Sanderson have been present in court during the proceedings.

Paltrow has previously denied blame for the crash and filed a counterclaim against Sanderson. She is seeking “symbolic damages in the amount of $1, plus her costs and attorney’s fees to defend this meritless claim,” according to her lawsuit. The actress has vowed to donate any additional funds potentially awarded by the jury to a charitable organization.