A TikTok user named Channel Everything has shared a video, which has been viewed 5 million times, to the website where she scrolls down on Netflix and reaches a category titled ‘Shmunguss’.

True, Netflix has very creative categories for its films and television programming, such as wacky late-night comedies and award-winning irreverent sitcoms. However, a classification named ‘Shmunguss’ does sound far-fetched, even for Netflix. Fans are now confused about whether this is a hoax, or something real.

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‘Shmunguss’ on Netflix:

The person in the Tiktok video reveals that they are watching Netflix while at their girlfriend’s house. As he approaches the section marked Shmunguss, he asks, “Can someone tell me what these categories are?

The Shmunguss King, I Married A Shmunguss, The Shmonguss Among Us, and Shmonguss’ Vengeance is among the films or television shows featured in this category. Afterward, you can hear someone stating a VPN as the reason for the weird genre and titles.

The caption of the Tiktok asks ‘Does anyone else have this?? Please I’m so confused…’

Countless users have responded to the news about the Shmunguss category on Netflix after the TikTok video went popular. Many people complained that they are unable to “figure out what it means” when discussing the topic and how it has rendered netizens confused.

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As this was going on, a few other Twitteratis made fun of the situation by tweeting that they would actually watch Netflix if they could access the Shmunguss section or joked that they had previously seen the films that were featured in that category.

This, however, isn’t a true category, as you may have suspected. It is a pretty clever prank that fooled nearly everybody.

There are other obvious signs that the Shumunguss isn’t authentic, such as the fact that the cover for one of the movies shows the actor Paul Giamatti, who has never actually had a role in a film titled The Shmunguss King.

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The video also claims that I Married A Shmunguss, which has had three seasons since 2019, is currently ranked #2 among TV shows. You won’t be able to find the series if you Google it or enter its name into any search engine.

In reality, the Shmunguss category doesn’t actually exist, and neither do the movies in the video.