Kaley Cuoco almost lost her left leg in 2010 in a horse riding accident, while starring in the television series The Big Bang Theory. The actor, popularly known for playing the character of Penny in the sci-fi comedy series, spoke about this serious accident on Ellen in 2010. 

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She shared her experience of how she fell off her horse while riding and the horse ended up trampling her left leg. Cuoco further disclosed that she ended up missing two episodes of the show as two metal bars were placed in her left leg. 

The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series is an upcoming oral history book by Jessica Radloff and is published by People Magazine. The actor had to sign a waiver because doctors thought they might have to amputate her leg, as she said in an excerpt from that book. 

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The American actor said, “Before I went into surgery, they made me sign something that said, ‘We don’t know until we get in there and see this leg, and it could come out that you don’t have it anymore”. She continued, “That wasn’t the case, obviously, but I had to sign something that said, ‘OK, you can’”.

“Everything ended up fine, and I was up and working a week later, but the doctors acted like I was never going to walk again. It’s still too much for me to go into, and it sounded way worse than it was. And of course, it was spiralling and everyone was freaking out, which I get. It scared people.” – she added. 

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According to the book, the accident and the possibility of Cuoco’s leg being amputated, scared a lot of people. The co-creator of the show Chuck Lorre, and her co-star Johnny Galecki, who portrayed Leonard opposite to her, both were frightened for Cuoco’s leg if it would be amputated. However, after Cuoco came out healthy and started working after a week, they were thankful to Dr Steve who saved Kaley Cuoco’s leg from anything serious which could lead the TV show to its end.