Atrioc, a Twitch streamer, apologized along with his wife Arianna Ewing for inappropriately creating deep fakes of his fellow artists.

The developer of Twitch apologized profusely for watching pornographic deep fake videos of prominent female broadcasters like Pokimane and Maya Higa. After viewers noticed the tab for the NSFW website, Atrioc—real name Brandon Ewing—was discovered during a broadcast.

He described his actions as “disgusting” and “embarrassing,” while plaintively claiming he only accessed the content once. Atrioc was joined in the apology stream by his wife, who offered condolences to those affected.

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Arianna was visibly upset by the situation as she stood in the background of her husband’s apology video.

“It’s just deeply upsetting and extremely embarrassing. But I do believe Brandon in saying that it’s not a pattern of behavior. He’s pretty transparent about everything. When he reassures me that he’ll never do this again, I fully believe him. I’m just so sorry to everyone who is hurt by doing something like this. Don’t feel bad for me, I’m not the victim, but I apologize for everybody’s hurt and will continue to hurt,” she stated.

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Who is Arianna Ewing? 

Atrioc and Arianna Ewing married on August 4, 2022, after he proposed at a beach wedding in February 2021. The two have been friends since 2014. She was born in the year 1994.

They’ve been friends since at least 2014. Arianna is of Spanish descent.

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She worked at the California Academy of Sciences and spent much of 2014 in Japan, according to her Instagram posts featuring various insects. She is now best known at national conventions for her imaginative cosplay costumes. Her most recent appearance was at Magic30, where she wore a Huatli costume from Magic: The Gathering.