Sam Asghari has been accused of sexual harassment by Ashley Franke.

Who is Ashley Franke?

According to recent allegations, Britney Spears’ estranged husband Sam Asghari cheated on her. Ashley Franke accused him of harassing her sexually.

Sam’s former trainee at the Royal Personal Training Gym Ashley Franke has referred to him as a fraud and claims to have evidence that Sam cheated on Britney throughout their relationship.

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She alleges that during his relationship with Britney Spears, Sam sent her unsolicited photos and would ask if she wanted to hook up with him in the gym showers.

She explained that she would be sending the evidence to Britney’s lawyer and assured that he wants justice to be done, because he is a profiteer.

She also took the opportunity to invite everyone who has been harassed by Sam to speak anonymously.

According to her testimony, Sam had intentions of becoming famous and was being supported by all his fellow trainers at Royal Personal Training.

Ashley claims to have denied all kinds of requests from Sam, which were so frequent and annoying, that she decided to change gyms since she never felt safe.

She said that she finds it absurd for Sam to claim that Britney cheated on him, when that’s what he had done all along.

The 41-year-old chart-topper and actor Sam, 29, who is thought to have entered into a binding prenup before being married to Britney, filed for divorce last month, citing irreconcilable differences.

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According to a source close to the pop star, in the filing, he asks for ‘separate assets’ and ‘different objects,’ which Britney believes may include the two adopted dogs he gave her. He also asks that the singer be ordered to pay spousal support, his legal bills, and court costs.

Britney is certain that her team will be able to defeat any claim Sam might make to her riches thanks to the hiring of the infamously fierce Hollywood divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, but she is deeply worried that her beloved dogs may be in greater danger.

Britney and Sam currently share two dogs: a German Shepherd named Sawyer that they adopted this year, and a Doberman named Porsha that Sam gifted to Britney in 2021.