A few months ago, El Cucuy, the father of Francia Raisa, the young woman who donated a kidney to Selena Gomez, appeared on the Spanish news program “Primer Impacto”. He ended up providing a lot of perspective for what transpired between the two ex-best friends on the show.

Cucuy claims that Raisa ceased talking to Selena Gomez because the singer wouldn’t give up drinking after receiving a kidney from Raisa. It was not hidden what transpired between them, he claimed, adding that it was typical of what happens with love, money, and fame.

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Who is El Cucuy?

El Cucuy is a famous Spanish radio host and the father of Francia Raisa.

El Cucuy didn’t hide the reality that his daughter and the person who received her kidney had a major disagreement. He responded bluntly when asked why Francia wasn’t included in Gomez’s documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me.

The father claimed that after the operation was a success, Raisa confronted Gomez about her drinking. The former Disney Channel star, according to El Cucuy, was told by his daughter that she did not donate her kidney so that Gomez may drink excessively and perhaps harm the life-saving organ, which led to their falling out.

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Raisa’s father was willing to talk about their friendship’s conflict, but his daughter was less so. The actress, however, recently claimed that Selena Gomez’s fans harassed her and spread hate. Raisa revealed that she has received hateful messages from Gomez’s devoted followers, some of whom have even gone so far as to express their desire for her to have her other kidney ripped out.

“The only thing I’m going to say is in no way, shape or form does anyone condone bullying, especially Selena,” Raisa told TMZ. “She literally has a whole nonprofit dedicated to mental health, and I believe Rare Beauty even just had an event for mental health. So the fact that I’m now being bullied as I am, it’s messing with me mentally.”

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“To me, it’s not what anyone wants for someone. She’s literally out there saying, ‘Please stop,’ so I don’t understand why it’s not stopping, not just for me, but others that are also being antagonized online,” she added.