An aspiring singer, Emaza Gibson, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against R&B artist Jason Derulo, alleging that he signed her to a record deal with the intention of engaging in sexual relations with her.

Who is Emaza Gibson?

Gibson, who describes herself as a “humanitarian” and “activist” on Instagram, claims that Derulo made unwanted sexual advances toward her after they began working together professionally.

The lawsuit, obtained by Page Six, alleges that Gibson met Derulo in August 2021, and he asked her to create a mixtape in four months and an album in six. She signed the deal, believing it to be a great opportunity for her budding solo career.

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According to the suit, Derulo frequently invited Gibson out for drinks, which she declined in an effort to maintain a professional relationship. However, she claims that Derulo began bringing alcohol into their studio sessions, pressuring her to drink.

Gibson also alleges that drugs, including cocaine, were present during their interactions. She mentions an incident where Derulo asked her to participate in a “goat skin and fish scales” ritual, which she interpreted as a sexual proposition.

In the lawsuit, Gibson claims that Derulo explicitly demanded sex in exchange for career advancement and cites an episode of his alleged aggressive behavior in November 2021. She says that she was introduced to a woman named Rosa at that time, whom she believed was an example of how her career could progress if she slept with Derulo. According to the court documents, Derulo became enraged during this encounter.

In June 2022, another incident allegedly occurred when Gibson was late for a recording session at Derulo’s home in Malibu, California. She claims that he charged at her aggressively during this encounter.

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Gibson’s record deal was reportedly terminated on September 6, 2022, following these events. She is suing Derulo for intimidation, illegal retaliatory termination, breach of contract, and sexual harassment.

Rob Zambrano, the same attorney behind Lizzo’s sexual harassment lawsuit, is representing Emaza Gibson in this case. Zambrano stated, “Mr. Derulo’s behavior toward this young artist was despicable, and, unfortunately, another example of the music industry’s dark underbelly.”