If you’re a follower of Michael B. Jordan, you’ve probably seen all the press appearances he’s made for the newest Creed movie. Things recently became very tense at a purple carpet event when he approached a reporter about her prior comments about him.

When Michael B. Jordan met the woman who used to torment him at school in person on the red carpet, he was clearly displeased. After the 36-year-old celebrity lashed out at his former classmate, things for journalist Lore’l quickly became embarrassing.

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Who is Lore’l?

After starting a rap career at the age of 16, Lore’l first became very popular. She was hired for Season 3 of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York after TV producers were drawn to her distinctive voice, laugh, and exuberant demeanor. A veteran of radio and television, Lore’l is also well-known for her work on the podcasts “Bully and the Beast” and “Lip Service,” where her distinct, unfiltered style of delivery has listeners clamoring for more. Currently, she is the host of the Morning Hustle podcast.

Lore’l said that she went to the same school as Michael during a recent episode of Undressing Room and that she was eager to snag an interaction with the actor at the movie premiere’s red carpet.

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On the sensational podcast episode, Lore’l continued to make fun of Michael by mocking his extravagant Valentine’s Day gift to his ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey. She insisted that since the singer was ‘a nice, corny guy,’ she wasn’t surprised by the extravagant gesture. For Lori’s special surprise day out in 2021, the actor rented out a complete aquarium.

It turned out that Michael had actually listened to the podcast episode when Lore’l talked about how her friends would tease him.

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At the purple carpet, Michael savagely replied to her saying, “Oh yeah, I was the corny kid, right? I heard it.” Following the awkward exchange, Lore’l tried to save herself by saying: “I said we used to make fun of the name. But yeah, well, you’re not corny anymore.” Michael simply kind of ignored this as he walked away.