Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman filed for a divorce, TMZ reported on Thursday. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has three children, two with Pittman – Josiah, Machai, and Aniya.

Josiah Jordan is from her previous relationship with Ricky Brascom.

The homemaker has offered viewers several glimpses into her rocky marriage with Ralph Pittman Jr. and her bond with her son Josiah throughout the course of the show. People are now more interested in learning more about her baby daddy, Ricky Brascom since she has declared her divorce from Pittman.

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Who is Ricky Brascom?

Hip-hop producer Ricky Brascom is a well-known name in the music business. He is also known by his nickname DP. Together with Charles Ransom Jr., Ricky served as the CEO of the Behind Da Scenes Entertainment corporate label.

Bascom became widely known after being convicted of narcotics trafficking between Los Angeles and Baltimore. The hip-hop producer has close connections with people like Sean Diddy and Justin Timberlake.

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Drew described how her relationship with Brascom fell apart in an interview with PEOPLE. She revealed that in 2009, one of her co-stars from “The Game” introduced her to Ricky. She admitted that initially, she wasn’t interested, but his insistence caused her to do so.

The couple was doing well, and they had even gotten engaged and were having their first baby together. In 2011, as Drew was eagerly making plans for their wedding, Ricky abruptly called it quits.

Drew then relocated back to Chicago with her parents following their breakup and made frequent trips to Los Angeles for her OB-GYN check-ups. When Sidora cared for their infant alone, Ricky Brascom was pretty much absent from the whole situation.

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Ricky was detained in 2012 after being caught transporting $4 million worth of cocaine across the US on a private plane. On the grounds of smuggling drugs, he received a ten-year sentence.

Ricky revealed on RHOA two years ago that he was now eager to spend time and mend his bond with his son Josiah after years of losing out on doing so.