Alex Snell is part of ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 5 along with 9 other singles. With the release of the first few episodes, fans of the show want to know more about the contestants while anticipating the next episodes. Here’s everything you want to know about Alex Snell.

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Who is Alex Snell?

Alex Snell is a 28-year-old personal trainer, born on March 4, 1995. He was born in Devon, United Kingdom, but later moved to London. Alex is also occasionally seen modeling and is a big-time fitness enthusiast.

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Alex is very active on his Instagram handle with 19.3k followers, where he shares his fitness and travel stories. He mentions that ‘tasting espressos and desserts’ is his favorite activity.

He posted his official announcement picture for the show ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ saying, “This British gentleman is just like a cup of English breakfast – strong and full-bodied.” While introducing himself, Alex commented on his effortless hair being his best asset. He said, “Girls, they see my hair, and I let them touch it’ – it works like a chic magnet for him.”

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Does Alex Snell have a girlfriend?

Information on Alex Snell’s past love life is yet to be discovered, whereas on the show, Alex had an eye for

Information on Alex Snell’s past love life is yet to be known. But, on the show, Alex had an eye for Elys Hutchinson since day 1. Surprisingly, when Lana gave Elys a chance, she chose Alex over her potential connection Hunter, saying “He makes me laugh till I die laughing”, adding how Alex could ‘banter’ better.

Will Alex and Elys be the perfect match for each other? Watch ‘Too Hot to Handle’ exclusively on Netflix.